Monday's Child

I created a simple Blogger-powered website for this new clothing label. They supplied photos, fonts, colours, text copy, and creative direction. I helped them organize their information and media.

Lid Salon

I helped Lid Salon's designer to build a layout that would work well on the web. Then I took the design and made it work well on the web using Blogger. I innovated a little bit with using CSS without Javascript to animate interface elements (the polaroids).

Arabesque Cafe website

This never became the official Arabesque website, but I did do it.

RedIronTech Newsletter

Linearis needed an HTML e-mail newsletter that worked well with mobile and called recipients to articles on the web. So I helped the Linearis team with their layout design, and implemented it in HTML & CSS. I also tested the e-mails with CampaignMonitor to make sure they'd get a warm reception.

Landscape Plus

I helped Stone Canoe's graphic designer with the layout. Then I implemented it using HTML and CSS by sprinkling some JQuery onto Google's image hosting and blogging platforms. They got a fully custom website at a normal-looking address with nothing to hint at the backend. Along with that came the easiest-to-use client editing interface in the business.

The Humberview Group

This site tied together a group of auto dealerships across the GTA. Working from Stone Canoe's Photoshop models, I made this basic HTML & CSS website. Usability testing and analysis helped us to refine the design. Then I added some purely-CSS rollover/hover code to slicken it up a bit. I also added Google Maps without cracking the API. The result was a fast-loading, easy-to-use portal and presentation site.