Jan 26, 2015

Poppy, clicky, high-latency onboard soundcard wrecking your music production times? ASIO4all to the rescue

There's a scourge that messes with poor music producers everywhere: the crappy onboard sound cards that come with Windows laptops and desktop computers. They're ultra-slow. So when you hit a note on a midi controller or whatever, it takes forever for that note to get processed by your software synths and come out the other end. And the pops, clicks, ticks etc that interrupt your sound, wrecking your concentration. So you absolutely must spend at least $300 on an external USB soundcard or something.

Except that the problem isn't the crappy soundcards themselves, it's the crappy drivers written for them. So why not just have a good driver? Well, that's what ASIO4all is: a low-latency, universal audio driver. So now you can keep your crappy onboard soundcard and use your laptop as an autotune box. Or whatever kind of pedal you want. And you can leave your expensive external extremely buggy soundbox that crashes your laptop at home. Let it gather dust.